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At Fundacion Laureles each human being is unique, so the basis of the education provided is personalized, free and dignified for each student, self-confidence and self-training are promoted by our teachers on our campuses. This is why we offer you top quality services, at the highest level, under specialized performance.
To carry out our teaching-learning process, we develop a SAMI educational model which is a self-learning system of multiple intelligences which consists of:

Learning through research.
Group cooperative learning.
Interactive pedagogy.
Inverted classroom.
Peer learning.
Evaluation of competencies.

Among our services we offer you an extended schedule AT NO COST which is from 7:00 AM – 17:00 PM, we also have different tools that help and reinforce our educational model such as:
Wireless Internet in all educational sections, educational platform for students, teachers and parents.


At Colegio Laureles our teaching system is through an educational model called “SAMI”, which consists of class planning, standardization and administration of the teaching-learning process, which is governed by self-learning of multiple intelligences.

In our teaching system we develop 8 different competencies, which help us to have a more solid pedagogical support, these competencies are:
Planning and organization of the work process.
Promote others.
Face the challenges that arise in the different tasks.
Process information.
Numerical process.
Know how to communicate in another language.
Physical development.