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Fundacion Laureles was founded in 1995 with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the individual and society through education, health and economic development.

In 25 years of experience, we have developed 3 self-sustaining educational models with the sole purpose of generating human capital and social capital.

The models work with minimal costs, while offering the highest level and quality education. In our classes we make cutting-edge technology available to students, allowing them to become familiar with it and work with it from a very early age.

“No one benefits from unemployment and poverty, ignorance and backwardness. Education is not an expense, it is an investment.”


Comprehensively train low-income Mexican families, addressing the problems they face in the areas of education, health and economic development.


Be a solid, self-sufficient institution, institutionalized with permanence, that achieves a great impact, and truly combats poverty. An institution that wants to grow and multiply its Family Integration Centers, thus bringing comprehensive benefits to all our people, achieving life transformations.


47% of Mexicans live in poverty.

39% of this population lives with food poverty.

Mexico occupies 1st place in inequality: the richest has an average of 13.2 years of schooling, the poorest, 3.9 years.

Of the initial enrollment: 39.2 million, only 5% reach university and the rest are lost in the transition from middle school to high school.

The cost per student of a school similar to Laureles is between $8,000 and $15,000 per month, inaccessible for the majority of the population. A bilingual school without accreditations charges between $2,500 and $6,000 per month, which is equally difficult to afford.