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Music is one of the most important elements to articulate people, bring together creativity and fantasy to fill us with hope. Learning to play a musical instrument can considerably help improve our quality of life by providing us with short-term entertainment. Let us remember that a relaxed mind free of concerns translates into well-being.

That is why at Colegio Laureles we believe that it is important to teach this subject to our students to develop musical learning that allows children and young people to have opportunities to obtain a more complete and competitive education.

The subject works as a workshop where children and young people interact with the elements of music (rhythm, timbre, music theory, etc.). Classes are taught using a classical approach allowing students to obtain solid musical foundations and an approach to one of the most popular instruments such as the piano.

Having a children's and youth orchestra program, which seeks for students to significantly improve their self-esteem, while inspiring their families and friends, strengthening our social fabric; awakening their artistic sensitivity, reducing their stress and anxiety, enhancing their imagination and facilitating learning by improving intellectual abilities in a notable way.

The Laureles Orchestra has 50 string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and double basses, for the learning of all initiates. Having trained and specialized teachers in each of the main instruments for correct collective teaching, reaching 60 students of different levels, giving concerts in the auditorium of the institution.